Early 1900 Mr. Gerrit RUITER founded a company growing vegetable and flower seeds, flower bulbs and fruit production. After many years of hard work together with his children the business was gradually divided into several individual companies.

In 1958 Mr. Herman RUITER became the Managing Director of the seed department. This company was then called RUITERS ZADEN B.V. He expanded the business to a more international operation.
Early 1970 Mr. Herman RUITER decided together with his son Gerrit-Jan RUITER to focus more on vegetable seeds and start an independent breeding program. Early results from this program are still popular commercial varieties. In 1978 the company name changed into HOLLAND-SELECT B.V.

In 1980 Mr. Gerrit-Jan RUITER became Managing Director and together with his team the company expanded. All investments were more and more focused on the specific vegetable groups aiming for the best varieties and the best quality for the professional market. HOLLAND-SELECT B.V. has become a strong player and a reliable supplier for both processing industry and the professional fresh market growers.

In 2012 the fourth generation took over responsibility. After 10 years of running the Research Department Mr. Erwin VENEMA was appointed Managing Director. Together with Mr. André F. RUITER, International Commercial Director, they are now in charge of HOLLAND-SELECT B.V.

The management team has changed but the focus is still the same:

  • Breeding excellent varieties
  • Producing the best possible quality of seed
  • Remain a reliable partner for our customers.


Bush and Romano bean
Flageolet beans
Climbing / pole beans
Runner beans
Broad / faba beans
Mangetout peas
Baby carrots