Seed treatment & Packing

Applying the right fungicides, insecticides or biological organisms is an absolute necessity for many of our customers. In addition, seed treatments are an effective tool to prevent the negative impacts of diseases, insects, nematodes and other pests at the time of planting and thereafter therefore helping farmers to produce higher quality crops, while minimizing impact to humans, animals and the environment.

We use a film coating machine with integrated dryer fully automatic for coating, drying, bagging and palletisation. All in one line which enables us to handle large volume in a short time.

  • Our standard packing is in 20 kg paper bags or 50 lbs paper bags.
  • Upon request, we can pack in Big Bags and even in small sized bags.
  • All pallets are stretch wrapped.


Bush and Romano bean
Flageolet beans
Climbing / pole beans
Runner beans
Broad / faba beans
Mangetout peas
Baby carrots